10 Top Tips for Proper Indoor Furniture Placement

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The ancient Chinese technique of Feng Shui teaches proper placement of furniture which help in creating a comfortable, relaxed and balanced atmosphere in homes and commercial establishments. With stylish furniture, especially when your home is crafted by a custom home builder, we recommend choosing the furniture wisely.

Furniture placement in one room differs from that in the other. Vibes for comfortable living can be developed only when the following practices are followed:

  1. Furniture in the living room needs to be placed such that everyone who enters it should be visible. If focus needs to be maintained on guests sitting on the main sofa, all other indoor furniture must be placed so that they face it. The same focus can also be shifted towards a television, if present. Chairs surrounding the television area must be placed such that each individual sitting on them is able to look towards three sides. Idea difference between the television and sitting area should be three times the size of the TV.
  1. Indoor furniture in the form of armchairs and sofas can be pushed back towards the walls, showing elegance in design. Some recommended awesome brands for this are atelier vierkant, gloster and manutti
  1. Major routes of traffic in a room must not be blocked by furniture placement. There should be a 3-4 feet gap for movement of large objects and 2 feet for small ones.
  1. Furniture placement must ensure that traffic can move freely in one particular direction, without any obstructions.
  1. A large variety of indoor furniture should be considered for any room. It is important for one’s eyes to look across different sizes of furniture. Two tall pieces must not be kept next to each other. Different sizes of furniture in Australia can be found at RC1’s online store.
  1. If furniture placement includes bookcases and cabinets, then these must be closed. Open cabinets tend to emit negative energies.
  1. Wooden furniture placement should not be in the north eastern, south western and central parts of any dining room.
  1. The corners at which furniture placement is done should be either at 45 degrees or cut in a rounded manner. This pattern allows energy to flow in the room.
  1. Types of furniture brought should be able to stand in contrast to each other, in terms of shapes. A leggy chair can be combined with a solid side table for furniture placement.
  1. Ideally indoor furniture should be arranged such that a table is within easy reach of every seat.

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