Get the perfect sanitation at Australian Offices

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We all wish to keep our workplace clean and tidy always. This gives us a healthy and fresh air to breath in. It is always a common problem for women as their washrooms are not hygienic and makes them uncomfortable to use appropriately. However, as an employer, you should take certain steps that would help make the washrooms clean as they must be. There should be sanitary disposal units installed at each washroom for ladies to dump the waste products used for feminine hygiene. It is not something to be flushed down in the toilets to choke and pollute the system.

Complete Sanitary Disposal System

There is a social responsibility that you should follow as a law-abiding citizen, and you can make use of commercial cleaning in Mulgrave. GreenKleen Australia is the perfect company to approach for all your commercial cleaning needs. They have the best available range of sanitation products that would not only help you to dispose of the feminine hygiene products well but also keep the environment healthy. Different shapes and sizes would help you to make use of them with ease.

Environmental Hazards

Sanitary disposal units help to keep the environment clean and livable. At GreenKleen, plastic sanitary bins are not used as they pose a risk to the environment and increase the plastic pollution which is not a good sign for our future. Moreover, plastic liners consume one third of space which makes it less usable. We ensure that our disposal systems do not harm the environment more so that we can keep a check always over it.

Corporate Cleaners

At corporate offices, it is imperative that we concentrate on cleanliness as it would ensure the health factors of employees. It is also a way to give back to the environment for all it has done for us. There are many areas that need immediate attention to make the place neat and tidy. These are windows, floors, carpets, passages, washrooms and many more such places. With the air conditioning on all the time, it is impossible for the air to be clean with so much exposure to dirt and dust. At GreenKleen, the focus area is fresh breathable air. You can depend on commercial cleaning in Mulgrave completely for all your cleaning needs, including sanitary disposal units.

No disturbance to office hours

It is always a great idea to keep on cleaning all your workplace environment daily and this can be done in a professional manner at GreenKleen. You can just sit back and work in peace while all the cleaning would be done before or after office hours or on weekends so that the office routine never gets disturbed.

Disposal Periods

At GreenKleen, you can get a disposal period of monthly, bi weekly or even weekly replacement with quality services. The disposal bins are placed in each cubicle so that there is enough support extended for tampons or napkin disposal. All units are installed by trained professionals so that hygiene is maintained always.

So, if you need help with commercial cleaning then contact the GreenKleen team to assist you with all your needs.